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John Burns

Staff Platform Engineer @ GrubHub

CKUG Co-Organizer

ktlint-gradle Maintainer

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  • Unlimited PTO
  • 8-16 weeks of parental leave
  • 4.5 day work week
  • Based in Chicago


Dev | Ops



Problems with DevOps

  • Too much variety
  • Duplication of effort
  • Lack of commodities

How It Started

  • "DevOps" team
  • Scope was too small

More Scope

  • Ecosystem-specific build tooling
  • Platform Services
  • Runtime libraries

Guiding Principles

  • Golden path (not a golden cage)
  • Carrot vs Stick

How It's Going

Infrastructure Platform

  • CI tooling (jenkins)
  • CD tooling (k8s, spinnaker)
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (terraform, pulumi)
  • Networking (elbs, edge/CDN services)
  • Service Mesh (envoy, istio)

Service Platform

  • Build tooling (bazel, maven/gradle plugins)
  • Platform Services
  • Runtime libraries
  • Service Mesh

Developer Experience

  • IDP: "Platform" vs "Portal"
  • Deployment state
  • Adoption
  • Security

How does this help DX?

  • Don't break the build
  • 2-way continuous communication cycle

What's next?

Building a Great Developer Experience - Me (Coming in 2024)

Psychological Affordances Can Provide a Missing Explanatory Layer for Why Interventions to Improve Developer Experience Take Hold or Fail - Cat Hicks

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